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Sleeping Lions

He crouches, laying low like a lion. Who would awaken him? Those who bless you are blessed, and those who curse you are cursed." Numbers 24:9 There are people in this world who are going to hurt others simply out of ignorance and self-centeredness. They believe they are being "truthful" and "transparent" and are actually being "helpful" when they cause other's harm. They say things like, "It's for your own good," or "This is the only way I can get through to you," or "I just couldn't stand by and watch you live like that anymore." The problem is that their "solution" causes more harm than anything they perceive needs correcting. Many women, men, and children come to therapy because of the "

A Time To LAUGH!

Does God laugh? This week I have been working diligently to improve our appearance at the Encouragers’ offices. We have been using donated, scavenged, and thrift store miss-matched furniture for the past 3 years in an attempt to save money. Because Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers has been blessed so much with hard working, caring therapists, I felt it was “time” to upgrade their offices. So out with the old and in with the new or newer versions of furniture. Wednesday last week, I was taking the broken, torn, and dilapidated furniture to the dump with my Office Manager, Jennifer. As we unloaded the truck and trailer of broken items, I came to the last sofa on the trailer and push

The Measure of Success

How do you measure success? By what standard do measure the success in your marriage, in your relationships, in your career, and overall in your life? When you think about how you measure success, do you find you are successful by that standard? “Hard work does not necessarily guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work.“ Dr. T.P. Chia Recently, I was horse camping with some friends in the San Bernardino Mountains and three of us were sitting watching a new camper “move in” next door. We didn’t have cell service so no one was on the their phone and we were measuring the success of their every move: “That dog is smart. Look how he tangles and untangles himself from the tre

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