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Captives and Captors

I remember when I first became a Christian someone told me, "Beware. Satin isn't going to let you go easily." I didn't understand what that meant, but learned quickly that Satin indeed was not going to let me go without a fight. Recently a woman shared her own spiritual battle between the powers of good (positive thoughts) and evil (negative thoughts) and how she felt elated, and quickly discouraged because it was easier to believe the lie than the new truths she was learning. As a therapist, I warn new clients that life can get more challenging in the beginning of therapy as they make changes, but to "hang in there because it does get better." Change is difficult, but change happens whether

Wrongly Judged

Sometimes in life, we all are faced with difficult decisions and questions. One such question is, “Do I do for me or for another.” Often in therapy I encounter people who feel guilty and fearful because someone else reacted harshly and judged them unfairly for something they didn’t do. One young lady told me she was invited by a friend to go on an all expenses paid (by her estranged father) trip to Las Vegas where he hoped to reconnect with his daughter. The friend said she wanted the young lady to go along so she could leave her father and go have fun. Initially, the young lady agreed, but circumstances changed which she had no control over, and she was not able to go on the trip. The you

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