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Mother, Teacher, Mentor, Preacher

There are only 168 hours in a week in which to accomplish life. For the average woman who has children, every one of those precious hours is used in the caring of her children, her home, her marriage, and her faith. Not much is leftover for herself. “The Godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children who follow them.” Proverbs 20:7 One of the most enjoyable benefits of my being a therapist is to work with young women who are looking to improve their lives. What I have found is a common theme: there is a lack of training occurring in the home. Parents are not instilling in their older children the tools necessary to live full, meaningful, and successful lives. They may love “on” thei

Mediocrity vs Excellance

I believe there is nothing as sexy as a man with raised hands praising God. Women of faith are seeking men who will be leaders of their families and wondering why "It's slim pickings." Dr. Tony Evans of the Urban Alternative and lead pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas is an amazing Pastor, teacher, author, and speaker. Recently, I was listening to him preach on "The Spiritual Patriarch" ( and he said that there is no shortage of men to marry, but there is a shortage of spiritual leaders for women to marry today. He explains that today's men are raising "mediocre boys," and they will grow up to become "mediocre men." Everyone i

The Last Word

Harriet Lawler, of Lawler Advertising Agency, died today- but not without having the last word. I just recently a movie, The Last Word, with Shirley MacLaine, and it touched me deeply (watch the trailer here: It’s the story of a successful woman whom tried to control everything and everyone she met, and they all hated her for it. She hires a young lady to write her obituary so that she can approve it before she dies. Through the process of self-analysis she determines there are 4 areas of life one must attain in order to have a beautiful obituary, and ultimately a beautiful life: 1. A person should be loved by family 2. A person should be admired by coworkers

The New Norm

The Las Vegas shooting has left many people dead and an unknown number of wounded people across the country, and dare I say, across the world? Friends and family have been touched by the news of loved ones who where there, who now are living in fear as the reality that no place is safe from the potential of danger and violence. The days of consistency and peace seem to be distant memories in a world where we are being assaulted by terrorists of our own making here in the USA. I recently saw that America is experiencing 20 unprovoked gun assaults every year. So, I wanted to inform you that Encouragers is here to help. If you or a loved one needs counseling, the California Victims Compensation

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