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Satin will always attack the things you care about the most. Have you ever noticed that? Consider the things you hold dearly in your heart: Your family, your spouse, your children, your career, your finances, your "stuff." We seldom give things that get broken or lost a second thought until it becomes something of value. Before they have value, they are just something we have, we know, or possess. In relationships we can find pain because of the consequences others force on us by their choices. At work there has been a recent theme of family cutting off their parents, their adult children, or their spouse from their children and grandchildren. One client has been trying for years to regain

Rays of Hope

Recently, a few of the Encouragers Team ran personal fundraising campaigns on their FaceBook pages and asked their family and friends to help us help our Veterans. Through the generosity of those individuals we were able to raise over $3,000. One-Hundred percent of their donations will go to the continuation of care for our veterans. You may ask, "Why do you need to raise funds for veterans? Don't they get free services through the VA?" Let me tell you the story of one of our veterans (name has been changed to protect his identity). Taylor is a 48 year old man who was a Marine during the Desert Storm campaign. Taylor does not trust the military and with good reason. Taylor suffers from Post

Praise Up A Child...

There always exist two sides to every argument and every perspective has multiple ways to look at things. The truly happy couple is able to see both sides of the issue and create compromise. A parent who is able to "listen" to their child's perspective is rare. The parent who can receive their child's position as valid, even when not necessarily accurate, and who can lead without creating guilt and shame, is a very gifted parent indeed. Compromise does not come without true understanding of both sides. If you are giving into another person's pressure or are attempting to avoid conflict, you are NOT creating a healthy opportunity for compromise. NEWTON'S THIRD LAW STATES: "Every Action has

Grace and Gentility

I recently heard a friend use the words, “Grace and Gentility” as her approach to dealing with difficult people. She said, “No matter what they say or do, I try to respond always with grace and gentility. It avoids fights and I keep my strength and balance.” The word “gentility” originates from an Old French word "gentil," meaning, "high-born, noble, of good family," and often was attached to a person’s gender: Gentleman, or Gentlewoman. It speaks to the way a person responds, as if of nobility, but does not require a title or a crown. It is more than just presentation; it is more than how people see you. It’s how you see yourself and who you believe you are. You know when you are in the pre

Women Warriors!

Today we celebrate America's Independence Day and consider the war that split Americans between the beliefs of the North and the traditions of the South. Recently, I saw an article that gave women credit for fighting -disguised as men- during the Civil War, "because only men were allowed to enlist in the armies of the war." To learn that women fought disguised as men during the Civil War kind of surprised me, until I considered the fact that women have been fighting in wars for centuries in other countries. I further researched the idea of women posing as men while enlisted in the military and learned of another woman: Margaret Bulkley. An Irish woman raised in Cork, Margaret was a bright yo

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