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All the Single Women

Have you ever gone to church and noticed all the women who sit alone? They arrive early, pick a seat (usually the same one week after week), they sing songs and raise hands in praise, shake hands with others around them and say, "Good morning," or "Welcome," and then sit back down to hear the pastor's commentary from the Bible. Sometimes they come in groups of 2 or 3 after they see someone familiar who is also dropping off their children in childcare. After the service is over, they duck their heads and make a b-line for the door. Most of the time they arrive alone and leave alone. They are the unseen and uninvolved women who are hurting, broken, and isolated. They also are fearful of judgme

I Do Believe

A few years ago there was a popular TV show called, “The Fear Factor.” It put people into scary situations where they had to overcome their fears in order to win a large sum of money. They would go through obstacles elevated over cliffs, experience break-neck speeds, and have total reliance upon their bodies and minds as they were tested to exhaustion. The one thing that always got me was the eating of the bugs and other nasty living things. I often thought, “I could do that,” but then I’d see the bugs, “Nope. Wouldn’t do that.” I wondered where these people found the motivation to complete these tasks. Was it the money they would get if they won? Was it the fear of ridicule they would recei

Resting Stress Face

Stress is felt more than seen. We can communicate stress to others around us without even saying a word; our facial expressions, our body language, and our subconscious eye rolls, humphs, and grumblings are all signs that we are not balanced within ourselves. Unfortunately, we can be so caught up in our own thoughts that we are unaware of the impressions we are giving others. This can lead to hurt feelings, arguments, and a sense of “walking on egg shells” for other people around you. As a business owner, mother, grandmother, and friend, even I can fall prey to stress occasionally. Here are some other examples of feeling unbalanced: This week many children in Riverside County are returning t

Extravagant Love

Love is a powerful emotion. It can be expressed both positively and negatively. It can bring pleasure and it can bring pain. It can cause us to spank our children, "because I love you" and to even murder a loved one as an "act of love." It is a very visual emotion that presents itself through images of hearts, and gifts flowers, chocolates, and diamonds. Movies and "chick flicks" are created to evoke emotions of love; and even entire television channels are dedicated to the feel good emotion of love. We change everything about who we are in pursuit of it, and feel lost and lonely without it. We express a need to be loved, and have difficulty understanding how to express it back to someone we

Drop The Technology

Why is everyone so interested in disconnecting? Everywhere you hear things like: “Screw them! Move on with your life!” “Forget them! You don’t need them.” “Just let it go. Don’t waste your breath on them!” “They’re God’s problem now.“ Could it be because everything in society is about disconnecting instead of connecting? Look at how our lives have changed over the last 75 years. We used to sit down and have dinner together as a family every night and talk to each other. Then television came along (1950’s) and everybody took their plates into the living room to watch television. The disconnecting started. Since then technology has BOOMED. Everywhere someone is on their phone, their computer

Holy Smokes!

Two fires in the southland have recently been intentionally set with no other purpose than to destroy: The Cranston Fire and the Holy Fire. Two days ago I took this photo of the smoke over Corona, which has continued to burn out of control in Orange County and now moved into Lake Elsinore. Today, the Holy Fire is still minimally contained, over 20,000 families have been evacuated, and dozens of homes and personal property are lost. The media commentary reports that with 18 fires are ablaze across California and our future ability to ensure our homes and property is in jeopardy. This morning I heard the animal shelters are filled to capacity and so they are having a fire sale (50% off the ado

The Cost of Love

Does the Bible promote Enabling over Support and Co-Dependency over Co-Existence? 33"Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:34 (NIV) This video was brought to my attention recently and if the girl wasn't so serious you would think she was joking. But she's not. This 15 year old girl firmly believes her working mother needs to give her $2,500.00 a month to maintain her lifestyle that's she's become accustom to. Her mother apparently cut her allowance down to $1,000 and that brought them to the Dr. Phil TV show where she confronted her mother on national television. There is great advise in Galatians 5 of the Bible that warns us against following our selfish

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