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Tonight I went for a brisk walk through a residential area near where I live. I never have explored this area on foot as it's much easier to drive the streets and walk the dirt footpaths that meander past the back yards of this area. The foot path gates lock at dusk, so not wanting to get "locked in" I took the less traveled way of walking the sidewalks. As I rapidly pushed my legs to a quick-walk pace, I felt oddly at peace with myself. I looked down at the cut cement squares as they came and went underneath me. I noticed the manicured lawns and trimmed edges set in contrast of dark green and off white and my mind wandered back to a simpler time. I grew up in a neighborhood where Jacaranda

Finger Pointing

Finger-pointing… the three fingers of truth. A friend of mine, a psychologist, told me once that "Whenever someone is pointing fingers at somebody else there’s always three fingers pointing back at them." What she meant by this is, often times we judge people based on our own introjections (self-judgements) and put onto another those negative judgements (projections) making that other person responsible for our feelings (cognitive distortions). Example: I give you a Christmas present because I love you. You think I’m trying to buy your love because you don't feel the same about me. I call you to see how you’re doing, you think I’m being nosy. I try to share my life with you, you think I’m ju

Drop the Rope

A friend of mine recently told me, "Forgiveness is letting go of any hope of changing the past." It got me thinking about both of my parents who have passed. I realized I had to forgive and let go of the past hurts for my own sake. I knew there was no more hope of changing the past, but I also didn't want to forfeit the life I designed today.The Bible says that we are to give out of our abundance because God blessed us; "From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another." John 1:16 The more we're blessed by God the more opportunities we have to bless others. That’s why in the Bible it says that whatever you give away it will be returned to you in larger quantities.


Do you know how much technology is stealing your productivity, your focus, your emotional regulation, and your life from you? Do you know that people who have “anxiety” are also suffering from what one author calls: "Digiphrenia"? "The tension between the faux present of digital bombardment and the true now of a coherently living human generates the second kind of present shock, what we're calling digiphrenia—digi for "digital," and phrenia for "disordered condition of mental activity.” Our “addiction” to technology is pulling us away from relationships, creativity, self-care, and work productivity. Do yo

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