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See It

I love this video. Watch it first, then read my comments about it. I want you to notice, she did not put any money into his cup, but she gave him more than all who tossed coins into it. She saw what others did not see and shared her vision with a blind man. How often do we see something wrong and do nothing about it? Many people are walking through life without the ability to see what is right in front of them. They are blinded by grief and loss, fear and anxiety, pain and suffering, and they see darkness instead of the beauty of the day. Are you tossing coins at people and feeling like you've given enough? Have you been blessed with health, wealth, and happiness and withholding those gifts

Respect Yourself

When you respect others, you respect yourself. Yesterday I went to the store to find snow chains for my car. Snow levels will be dropping this Thanksgiving weekend and I want to be prepared for my get-away. An employee stood at the entrance and I asked if they carried snow chains. He responded kindly and directed me to the back of the store. I turned and took a few steps in that direction and heard behind me, "You're welcome." Ashamed, I realized I had been rude and hadn't said, "Thank you" to him. It bothered me all the way to the rear of the very large store where I picked up my chains and paid for them. I promptly walked back to the gentleman where I shook his hand and apologized for my

Acceptable or Exceptional?

Do you live your life according to what is acceptable? Do you need the approval of your husband, your parents, your employer, friends, or coworkers? Do you know what they expect from you and your rise to their level of expectation? Do you get "fair" report cards from school, "okay" peer reviews on your papers, "pats on the back" for work well done at work, and occasionally get a positive evaluation that leads to a "tolerable" pay increase? Is your being acceptable by others preventing you from living to your best, or allowing you to remain mediocre? I work with military personnel who have an inner battle raging between who they want to be (exceptional) to who they feel they are trying to be

Life Delivered

I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday. A billboard along the freeway said, "Canabis delivered to your home." My mind began racing about everything that has become accessible to us via home delivery services. We can get our groceries delivered by the grocery stores. We can get our meals, our medications, and our clothes delivered. We can have whole home furniture delivery, and Gardners to come to care for the outside of our homes. We can hire nannies to raise our children, and housekeepers to clean our floors. We can work from home via the internet and never have to leave. We even can explore the great outdoors via Virtual Reality goggles we purchased on Amazon that were delivered to our door

Innocence Lost

What are we doing to our children? They are laying wounded on the grounds of our selfish discontentment. They are crying out for love, affection, and attention and are left to their own destruction: Vaping, Drugs, babies birthing babies, and they are hurting each other on school grounds across America. Why can't we see the truth and it has nothing to do with Gun Control or the IRA. The beautiful innocence of youth is all too quickly consumed by the lives we are designing or allowing to be designed for us. We are addicted to the negative pondering of the media, critical analysis of any perspective in opposition to either side of whatever flavor of controversy is offered. Gone are the days of

Rest Purposefully

Sometimes people believe they must go-go-go constantly because that’s who they have always been. They get anxious because they push past their limits, and when they can't push anymore, they get depressed. They want therapy to magically give them energy they don’t possess. I ask my clients how do they “shut down.” Do they have a means of “unplugging"? Do they pull covers over their head or do they Rest Purposefully? I ask them, "Is rest something you do when you collapse at night or do you give yourself a break during the day?" Often they have no idea how to take a break and shut down. Sleep is their equivalent of rest. This weekend I heard a pastor talking about how, "Even God worked all we

Home Guard

Today is Veterans Day, a day to remember those who gave their lives to protect our country. We often forget that we have a militia of soldiers who live next door, who protect our backs even while we sleep. I love the Navy, the Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army, but I want to give a special shout-out to the US Coast Guard who don't get as much press, but who deserve our respect and reverence none the less. The US Coast Guard protects our borders, responds to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, and they stood next to me during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. This young man in the photo is my nephew Nick (what a cutie) and he reminded me today of his service many years ag

Wonderfully Made

What is "Mommy Guilt"? It's when you are judged by others for the way you are parenting your child. I remember having this experience as soon as I knew I was pregnant with my daughter. I was judged as a single parent. I was judged as a working mother. I was judged when she couldn't use scissors at age 2. I was judged when she drew outside the lines at 18 months. I was judged when I didn't remarry to give her a father. I was judged when I let her rock climb at age 7 (with a professional climbing instructor mind you). I was judged when I gave her a horse at age 10. I was judged when I let her travel at 15 to Europe with a group of strangers (Educators and honorees of People to People (https://

Intimidation Factor

When I was 11 years old I knew I wanted to become a police officer and follow in the footsteps of my older brother. So, when I turned 20, I applied, was accepted, and failed out miserably because I was injured and I lacked self-confidence. This broke my heart to see my childhood dream go down the drain. During the next year of getting my body back in shape, the movie, ROCKY; The Eye of the Tiger was released in theaters. After seeing the movie I would listen to the theme song when I went on my 10 mile runs. I would get so pumped up with angry determination that I was not going to let "them" keep me down. I went back to the academy one year later and I was a different person. Nothing they did

Acting a Fool

One night a year we all get to "act a fool." Halloween gives everyone a day to cut loose, unwind, and behave with unabated silliness. Many take the opportunity to do things that they wouldn't do any other day of year because they normally don't act foolish. Others, take this time to act out by committing crimes, abusing others, and by taking huge risks that sometimes end tragically. These are the foolish behaviors we read about in the next day's news feeds and social media pages. the Bible talks a lot about fools: "Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is." Ecclesiastes 10:3 NIV When I read this, of course the FIRST thing that popped out at m

Change for Change

Everywhere I go, what I see on the news, read in articles on the internet, in social media, and what I hear on the radio, people are demanding "Change." President Barrack Obama won an election built on the premise of change. Everywhere, people are demanding change in their families, in their relationships, and in themselves. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. In our offices, daily our therapists are helping people change. Negativity is bombarding our minds and stealing our joy. The illogical and irrational bits and pieces of misery flood our brains and breaks our hearts. We are a society of war mongers in pursuit of entertainment that has filled our minds with sex and violenc

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