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Shelter In Place

Are you tired of hearing that we need to "Shelter in Place," "Isolate" and stay "Contained" in our homes? I know these phrases have become terms that we tend to see as restrictive, confining, and limiting because they are doing all of those things all under the premise of creating a barrier of safety from COVID-19 exposure. Recently, I heard Pastor Zach Martin or The Bridge Church, Murrieta sharing about the term "refuge" which is not an uncommon Biblical term used when someone needed to find shelter from a storm and safety from danger. the Bible says that God is our refuge and a place where we can find safety. "The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble."

Overwhelming Love

One of my favorite authors and speakers was Corrie Ten Boom. During World War II, Corrie and her family helped many Jews escape the Nazis Holocaust by hiding them in her home. Her writings touch the deep recesses of the human spirt. Corrie said about that experience of helping others, "The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation." People are being effected by COVID-19 and others are rising up to help. One person told me Padres shortstop Jacob Cronenworth donated $1,000 to her family where everyone in the family has tested positive with Covid-19. Strangers have been showing support financially and through love gifts from they community. Others are sending meal gift

First Response: Pray

A friend recently showed me this photo by artist Dona Gelsinger and I am instantly in love with her work (see more at This painting touched me as my team of therapists work closely with first responders who are in the battle to beat Covid-19. The Bible often tells of times when Jesus would withdraw to pray to his father in heaven. Prayer does more than just communicate one's needs. It can offer counsel if you listen, it can offer answers if you ask, and it can offer peace if you will receive it. Prayer is not like rubbing Aladden's lamp and you don't get three wishes. Prayer is your heart connecting to God's heart. Sometimes prayer is the best weapon a

Distance Learning

Parents need to consider what their children are going through and take a step back and look at what they are doing to their children. Are you causing permanent damage to your kids? Students today are being forced to stay home and do school work via the Internet. Distance Learning has become the new norm due to Covid-19 and the schools closing to protect students. Unfortunately, many students have parents who are uneducated, English is a second language, or they have little experience with the Internet and so children are being forced to "figure-it-out" on their own. Websites are crashing and teachers are giving homework but not much assistance in the way of teaching. One 7th grade client re

New Norm?

There is a saying, "What comes around, goes around" and even though we may think we are going through something never experienced, I find it interesting that it is NOT the first time America has experienced a "pandemic." This poem was written during the 1869 pandemic, reprinted during another pandemic of 1919, and it certainly is applicable for the pandemic of 2020. When I read the poem it seems as if it were written for today because it is so fitting to how people are coping with the Stay Home orders. Recently, I have heard people say, "Welcome to the new norm." I'm not sure what they are referring to exactly, but I don't see anything new or normal about wearing face masks, socially distan

Refreshing Hope

A friend recently shared that since being forced to stay home due to the current "Stay Home" orders, she is teaching her husband to cut her hair. I told her to teach him how to do a pedicure as well and make it a full-service spa experience. She laughed, but one of the things that has happened due to COVID-19 is many self-employed businesses are being forced to close and they may not recover. Think about all the service providers who are sitting at home who don't have an "employer" to pay for their time off. Hair dressers, nail salons, and those who message our aches and pains. So many small business owners need your help. They are the service industry that supports nearly 50% of our econom

Wounded Warriors

If we are fighting an invisible enemy and we are warriors in this battle, then it makes sense that there will be wounded warriors as a result. Medical professionals, doctors, nurses, tech support, hospital administrators, support personnel, and transport drivers have all been on the front lines of this battle. Law Enforcement officers and Fire Department personnel have been responding as usual to 911 calls. They have pressed through their own problems, turned from their families, to face the needs of others. Trauma experts working non-stop to rise to the call will have to deal with the consequences of their sacrifice when this is all over. Those who rescue will need to be rescued themselves.

Phase 1: Walk

Yesterday President Trump announced there will be a 3 phase approach to getting America back to work. Click here to watch the entire briefing: So what does that mean to the average person who has been filled with worry about catching Covid-19? It might mean there is going to be a lot of anxiety surrounding going back to work and the safety of returning to a place that was so recently deemed unsafe. Employers are going to have a lot to deal with as they hurriedly attempt to figure out ways to follow the CDC guidelines developing policies to ensure employee safety. Wow, talk about stress! It was one thing to let your workforce stay home, it's going to be a complet

Personal Protection

I find it interesting that there are certain words and phrases that become a part of our every day language in times of crisis. I remember Y-2K, when the world was going to end because of the computer calendars would reset to 0000. Terrorism and Ground Zero became common terms around the house while "9-11" created problems for 911 emergency services. Today we hear terms like Bio Warfare, containment, isolation, and Stay Home Orders in response to the Covid-19 epidemic. PPE's (Personal Protection Equipment) are in short supply, and stay-at-home mom's are creating face-masks so quickly they compete with the medical industry for mass production. I felt it was time to start to take this current

Stay Home

Happy Easter! How are you spending it? Are you looking forward to the ham, roast, steak, or PB&J? Easter is not about the food. Or is it? The Last Supper is the Friday night meal Jesus had with his disciples before he was taken away by the Roman soldiers to be crucified on the cross (1 Corinthians 11:23-34). 23 For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you: The Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed, took bread, 24 and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.” 25 In the same way, after supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenantin my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance o

Memories of Love

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. In the past this would mean a trip to the local park for an assembly of children and parents searching for hidden Easter eggs. It would have been a sunrise service at your church or a gathering of parishioners in remembrance of Jesus death on the cross. This year Easter is being celebrated in very different ways. The public gatherings are gone. The church doors are closed. And the only Easter egg hunt is happening in your home or backyard. But what about the families who have lost loved ones to the Coronavirus? How do they "celebrate" this time of year when only weeks or months ago their lives changed forever? How does one move on in a world where everything is sta

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