November 9, 2019

What is "Mommy Guilt"? It's when you are judged by others for the way you are parenting your child. I remember having this experience as soon as I knew I was pregnant with my daughter.

  • I was judged as a single parent.

  • I was judged as a working mother.

  • I was judged when she couldn't use scissors at age 2.

  • I was judged when she drew outside the lines at 18 months.

  • I was j...

September 10, 2019

Every decision made has a consequence, maybe more than one. The consequences of a good decision, a good law, a good home, good career, or a good life results in positive consequences of peace, joy, safety, and an amazing legacy.  Conversely, the consequences of a poor decision can lead to pain, heartache, and regret.

But what about the consequences that fall on us because of the...

September 8, 2019

Women are not designed to live in isolation. They have social needs that can not be met by their children, their parents, their husbands or significant others. Girls need girlfriends.

The word "tribe" has become a current trend when talking about a network of friends or colleagues with common beliefs and perspectives. Churches have catered to the Christian "tribe" of women for centuries as the...