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What's The Happs?

The Months of February and March have been hectic months of growth—and Encouragers is experiencing some growing pains. Since we opened our doors as a Training and Counseling Center (November 2014), Encouragers has been blessed with adding a second location (Murrieta) and is looking at adding a third location in Old Town Temecula. Word is rapidly getting out through website searches as well as two referral sources: and New Life Live (radio) station call-ins.

We have connected with The Sheepfold and provide counseling services to victims of Domestic Violence. We also are providing insight and counseling services to families whose teenagers are having a run-in with the Temecula Valley Juvenile Probation Department. We have assisted families in the military through as well as low income families through referrals from an international networking system called Business Networking International (, The Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, and the Community Action Partnership.

Additional networking opportunities are on the horizon and Encouragers recently hired Trainees from California Baptist University and the University of Phoenix who will begin their training April 4, 2015. On March 25, 2015, Vicki Coffman, LMFT will be presenting the Encouragers business model concept to students at National University in San Bernardino and anticipates hiring an additional 6 pre-graduate Trainees to begin April 4th.

As the counseling needs for several populations are identified, and families and individuals require services at lower costs, Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers, Inc. is meeting the challenge. One example of how we meet that need is to share the story of one of our families; There was an expressed need for the entire family to be in counseling, a total of five individuals (Mom and Dad and three minor children), and they didn’t have the finances to pay for each member to attend separately due to having no insurance and only one parent currently working. Because the Team at Encouragers are willing to accept a fraction of the ‘normal fees,’ and because of the unique TEAM approach, Encouragers is able to provide counseling services to each of the family members individually as well as a whole family unit.

We at Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers are passionate Christ followers. We believe that if we provide our clients with the highest quality services available, and are willing to do this at affordable fees, God will provide for our financial needs. Having said that, if YOU are feeling compelled to help the Encouragers’ Team fulfill our goal of never turning anyone away whom we can help, please donate whatever you can to this very honorable cause. We are greatly appreciative and blessed by your offering.

Help us bless others with your gift of love today.

Thank you from the Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers, Inc. TEAM.

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