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Mum's Day

Once a year every mother anticipates being shown appreciation for her service of unconditional love given to her children. Moms get anxious with excitement over how their beloved little monsters will show her they love her. She may envision a hug and a smile, "I love you mommy," or breakfast in bed with burnt toast and black coffee to wash it down. She may receive a school project partially completed, molded, folded, or colored with her son or daughter's own little hands.

All these precious ideas feed into mom's wanting to mostly just have recognition for all the piles of washed and folded laundry , kissed bumps and bruises, hugs she's given out, shoulders she's availed to comfort, and the millions of meals prepared since last Mother's Day. The list is endless of the accomplishments a good mother makes with little to no immediate satisfaction. This is the one day that even by it's title, mom can hear she is "special."

This year when you are looking for a special gift for your mother, remember that Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers also serves moms and children. These moms have no expectations of flowers, candies, gifts, or breakfast in bed. They battle depression, anxiety, and physical abuse, and their children are trying to hold on to any form of hope with their little hands. Encouragers needs compassionate people like you to help our non-profit counseling centers bring hope and healing to these broken and wounded families.

How you can help

1) Encouragers is a Faith Based organization and we always appreciate your prayerful support.

2) Encouragers has an AMAZON SMILE account where you can shop and we benefit. Go to:

3)Encouragers is a Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization (Tax ID# 47-1348928) and we would greatly appreciate your loving financial gifts to help our moms and kids in need of some encouragement.

To all the moms who are blessed with children who love and admire them, appreciate and embrace them, hug and snuggle them, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

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