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A little Unwell

Matchbox Twenty's music style has been considered pop rock, alternative rock and post-grunge. 2009 marked the year Matchbox Twenty released its hit "Unwell" (see more). For some, these words resinate and ring true to the daily experience of living with Post Traumatic Stress (some drop the "P" because they don't want to be seen as having a "Disorder") .

Much like the lyrics imply, no one wants to have the label of a mental health disorder.

The chorus expresses how the one who is "a little unwell," lives their life in their heads, projecting onto others their own beliefs about what others are thinking about us and in relationship to us.

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell I know right now you can't tell But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see A different side of me I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired I know right now you don't care But soon enough you're gonna think of me And how I used to be, me.

This morning at church, I listened to a heartfelt presentation given by Chad Robichaux. Chad was a former Force Reconnaissance Marine and Department of Defense Contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force.Chad also is a Medal of Valor recipient for his bravery beyond the call of duty in law enforcement. Chad spoke briefly about his military experience and the resulting conflicts of adjusting to marriage, parenting, and civilian life (and dealing with the effects of PTSD) each time he came home. These trials resulted in his "finding his faith and his purpose" when he founded Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs. (learn more at

Several of the therapists at Encouragers Counseling and Training Centers have had to deal with their own demons of PTSD, myself included. It was when Chad shared he also had law enforcement experience that I felt a special connection. Weather from exposure to tours of duty, working in law enforcement, or suffering at the hands of loved ones, each of us has done and now teaches others how to find their own purpose and ability to cope. We work alongside Military, Law Enforcement, Firemen, and women and children who have suffered the consequences of being forced into "the X zone" as Chad calls it; when you have to make a decision to move or stay and suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, not all can escape unscathed and the scars are left behind (emotionally, physically, and spiritually). I stopped briefly to introduce myself to Chad, but the result of his talk was that he was surrounded by individuals and families who wanted to meet him. Instead, I shook the hand of Luis Rivera, Operations Manager for Mighty Oaks and shared briefly our common desire to help those suffering with PTSD.

There are many programs around who focus their efforts to help the military and veterans suffering with PTSD. This is one organization I highly recommend you look into. They address the "Mind, Body, Spirt" components which Encouragers believes in and was founded on.

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