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Nose Blind

Have you ever seen the Febreze air freshener commercial that talks about what your teenager "smells" and what you "smell"? (click on photo to watch). It says the teenager has gone "nose blind" to the odors in his room. In relationships we can also be "nose blind" as we don't recognize a bad relationship until it's too late and we're left with the "stinky mess" after they've gone.

Lately, I've been approached by a lot of women, married and single, who say they just can't find happiness in ANY relationship they have. They have family discord, friends who abandon them, and men who use and abuse their unselfish acts of love. They will often say, "I know the problem is me, but I don't know how to fix it."

The problem is in our upbringing. Who is teaching the children how to BE in a relationship? Look at social media and the extreme level of sexual content that says, "Get all you can!" There is very little "positive relational training" available and it isn't starting at a young enough age to counteract the cultural drive toward hyper-sexuality of our youth. There is no such thing as SAFE SEX because the promoters of this philosophy do not take into account the emotional damage of the individuals who are following their lead. So, as children and youth we make multiple mistakes, end up pregnant, have abortions or move home to live with our parents (if we ever left in the first place). We attempt at the promise of a long term relationship, fail at it, and "press repeat" until we are so broken, torn up, and discouraged we don't know what to do. The solution that the Febreze commercial offers is to handle the "problem" of a stinky mess by covering it up with an air freshener and PRETEND the problem has been dealt with. In fact, this is society's solution for the broken individuals and families of today as well. When a relationship ends with broken hearts and feelings of regret, the solution is to "Get back in the game," jump into another relationship as fast as you can, and "move on." The trouble is you can't move on to anything as long as you're stuck on the merry-go-round. You always come back to what is familiar and nothing changes.

If this problem sounds familiar, I would like to encourage you. You CAN jump off the merry-go-round and have a new purpose, drive, and direction with your relationships; even the one you're currently in. Call Encouragers today (951-900-4414) and cure your "nose blind" problem today!

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