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What is "Chillaxin'? Well, I saw this photo and thought I'd give a lesson on decreasing the Pre-Thanksgiving Stress. So, here's one breathing technique I teach my clients: Take a deep breath, hold it, hold it, hold it...okay now let it out slowly through you mouth. Oh, dang, I should have said, "Brush teeth first." Ha ha.

I saw this picture and it made me laugh. Actually, if you want to Chillax, all you need is to Relax and Laugh. Look for the humor in today as you stress over the meal preparation and rush to the store (repeatedly) for items you "forgot." Or when you try to dust and vacuum at the same time. Or when you get the house cleaned up for guests and your 3 year old has a unexpected fever and a bout of diarrhea. All of these unexpected "pleasures" can cause massive amounts of stress and anxiety and ruin your Thanksgiving. Focus on what is important, laugh at the things that cause you frustration, and know that laughing out loud will release those negative thoughts and effects and allow you to chill into the event.

Here's another relaxing technique: Stand up, put your finger on your nose and (with your eyes closed) turn around 3 revolutions, focusing your eyes on your nose. Now bend over at the waste and touch the floor. When you pick yourself up off the floor, laugh. For the rest of the day find ways for chillaxin' , loving, and laughing.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Encouragers Team

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