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Grieving The Losses

The Southland is Ablaze. Actually, a lot of California is enveloped in firestorms. People are being evacuated in unprecedented numbers, homes are burning to the ground, livestock are being displaced, and families lives are being torn asunder.

The Encouragers Team is ready to help. During this crisis, and the days following, we will provide services to anyone affected by these fires at no cost to the individuals or families. Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel affected by these terrible times need only call us and we will support you and your families as well.

Devastation of this magnitude is difficult to embrace emotionally, let alone logically as we try to make "sense" of it all. Why all of a sudden are fires erupting? Who is setting them? Is it only the wind to blame? I don't think so, but they certainly do contribute to the fires magnitude. Encouragers wants those affected by these fires to know you are in our prayers.

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