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Here it is…Christmas morning! Did you buy all the right gifts, wrap them up really pretty and put them under the tree? Did you remember to take the turkey out of the freezer? Is the coffee brewing? Did you purchase the gluten free option for your food sensitive relatives? Are the packages all opened, the ribbons and paper on the floor, and the sound of laughter settling into a gentle whisper of the day? Can you finally stop and take a breath and enjoy the moment?

We here at Encouragers are taking time off this week to focus on the birth of Christ and the love he gave to us. The Bible says Jesus gave up his place in heaven to come to earth to be with us. He was a king, who chose to serve. This is our example and through the efforts of the Encouragers Team, we were able to serve over 2,500 people with lower fees and free services who might not have been able to receive mental health care services. And 2018 looks to be an every bigger opportunity to serve as we’ve doubled the number of our therapists and administrative staff. Next summer we’re looking into expanding to Richmond, Virginia where one of my therapists is moving and taking the Encouragers business model with her.

As you gather around the dinner table with loved ones today, after waking to a morning of many blessings, I pray you’ll consider those who do not have a safe place to sleep or loved ones nearby: Our Veterans who are on the front lines, and the homeless here at home. There are so many hurting people in America today and the resources are few. As a non-profit, we depend on your financial gifts in order to continue to serve. This year has been a difficult year of change and we need your help. Please pray for Encouragers as we move toward another year of serving those in need ---and thank you in advance for your generous financial gifts.

Please call Jennifer at 951-900-4414 to donate with a debit or credit card, or mail your check to:

3359 Chicago Ave.

Riverside, CA. 92507

Merry Christmas from the Encouragers Team!

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