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Safe Sex

Sex is everywhere. There is little one can do to avoid it in daily discussion. It's the main topic on the news, entertainment commentary, and even at work. Employers are trying to address the concerns of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and pay variances, even while trying to avoid the discussion altogether because of the possibility of being misunderstood or accused of being insensitive.

It is a point of contention in relationships. Men and women both are manipulated by it, use it, and abuse it. Our children are suffering because of the misuse of it as the over commercialism of it floods their senses through music, TV, internet, and cell phones. They are being left to decipher for themselves what is right and what is wrong concerning sex, and the truth is being misrepresented by people with an agenda. When they are older, these children become the men and women who perpetuate these misrepresentations in their adult relationships, and yet somehow they are expected to recognize what a "healthy" sex life even when they've never seen one. Women seduce men. Men force themselves on women. Women use sex to get what they want, and men take it. It appears that sex is not "safe" anymore.

In an effort to address this very difficult and complex topic, Encouragers Counseling & Training is offering a series of educational group trainings where women can gather to share their experiences (good and bad) about sex. They can learn what is "healthy" and "unhealthy" when it comes to emotional manipulators, how to set boundaries for personal safety, and how emotional blackmail affects those around them (children) as collateral damage. Many women who have experienced sexual trauma as a child, report it's difficult to find understanding for what is "safe sex" outside of the therapeutic arena.

Please join us as we open the lines of communication to improve understanding and increase hope. Call Encouragers Counseling & Training today to reserve your seat. A new group is starting soon. We'll save a place for you where healing, hope, and learning comes together.

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