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Love Self and Others

For the past year, I have been on a journey of discovery to learn more about life, love, and forgiveness. I have come to a realization that the world is flooded in shame. I see shame on the faces of our clients who shame themselves. I see shame on the media who shames the President. And I see the President shaming the media in response. Citizens shame others based on political differences. Families shame each other. Coworkers shame each other and employers reply with shame. We even shame ourselves when there is no one else to shame. Shame is everywhere!

What is the solution to this epidemic of shame? Well, the answer is easy to say, but it's not an easy answer to put into action. Empathy is needed to diminish shame. Empathy requires us to seek the truth and look at the facts. Shame is purely emotional and emotions are not founded in facts.We must be willing to put aside our feelings and ask questions. But, we must have an open heart willing to change perspectives if the facts reveal the truth. This is where the rub comes in. When we want the truth to reflect what we are feeling, and there is a disconnect, we would rather shame and blame the facts and deny the truth than give up our paradigm. This is why there is such devision between ideals. We would rather feel good than know the truth because the truth might mean change. And we all know change is hard.

The author of this site blog (, Rachel Hollis, wrote a book called "Girl, Wash Your Face." I listened to the introduction and LOVED what she said. I think more women need to challenge the lies others will tell you. She encourages us to be courageous, and to love and believe in yourself. I am in complete agreement with her perspective that our life "should be a creation of our own making" and to appreciate and receive blessings, where ever they may come from.

As Christmas approaches, I pray we can sit in contemplation and acceptance of the person we are, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. For it's ONLY in complete acceptance of our true self that we can find forgiveness of the past, love in the present, and hope for what is yet to be revealed.

John 8:32 New International Version (NIV)

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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