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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the Beginning, Eve took from the Tree of Knowledge and ate the forbidden fruit allowing sin to enter the world. Generations of humanity suffered under the condemnation of that choice. Jesus was born in a manger long ago and went to the cross to take the sins of the world away. The ending of the story is that Jesus will crush the head of Satin once and for all.

I love this picture of the Virgin Mary and Eve. In it I see the beginning, the middle, and the end of the story. I look at the sadness on Eve's face and think about how she must feel standing next to a pregnant Mary. Eve's expression of guilt at knowing that by her taking of the fruit in the Garden of Eden she brought sin and death to the world. The look of love on Mary's face as she comforts Eve knowing she is carrying the Messiah who will take that sin away. Notice how the Snake (Satin) is wrapped around Eve's leg but Mary stands on his head and ultimately Jesus will crush Satin when he dies on the cross. Know that you also are set free from your sin of the past, but also the present, and the future. All you need to do is believe, and receive Christ into your heart. Christ was born this day so that you may have life, and life more abundant.

Merry Christmas from the ENCOURAGERS family.

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