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Reverse Engineering

Recently, I was reminded of what reverse engineering is. A veteran who is in the process of developing a new program as part of his therapy said he is, "Starting with the end in mind and working backwards."

In reality, that's not only what he is doing with this project, it's also how he is finding a purpose in life.

When there is a purpose, or as they used to say, a "cause" you can believe in, it's easy to drift. There was a saying many years ago that said, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." I believe this is true. People are floundering in life, looking for someone to give them a purpose they can get behind, take a hold of, or embrace. Unfortunately, we can gab on to someone else idealism and be led down a rabbit hole that leads to a life of pain and despair. We have become a society of sheep who follow the leader right off a cliff. We have no direction of our own, so we follow anyone who has passion and a purpose because we have a desire to get "somewhere," but we're not sure where that might be.

My friend the veteran has found a purpose he can believe in. He has found the destination where he wants to go: to help others like him find joy in their lives, relationships that are meaningful, and camaraderie similar to what he had while he was enlisted in the Military.

If you would like help figuring out what you want to do with your life, to find meaning, purpose, and a passion, ask yourself this:

"When I am gone from this Earth and all that is left is my legacy, what would I want others to say about me?"

Once you have your destination in sight, reverse engineer the pathway to getting there and take your first step toward a better life. A life you design and make. One you can be proud of and where others can be proud of you. Bless others and see how those blessing return multiplied. Live your life, don't just survive it.

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