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Tribal Call

Women are not designed to live in isolation. They have social needs that can not be met by their children, their parents, their husbands or significant others. Girls need girlfriends.

The word "tribe" has become a current trend when talking about a network of friends or colleagues with common beliefs and perspectives. Churches have catered to the Christian "tribe" of women for centuries as they offer support groups and retreats designed to address women's particular needs. The perfect time to find a tribe of women is to look for a women's retreat near you. You can find a retreat in almost every city, every faith community, on almost every weekend from early Spring to late Fall. For women who are not connected to a faith community, there are business conferences (for those who can't get enough of work), and retreats and workshops that cover topics like Mindfulness, Relationships, and Yoga.

I think back to the days of the "sewing circle" when women enjoyed putting together quits and other hobbies they did with their girlfriends, mothers, and sisters. There is just something special about generations of women sharing a common space together; the conversation flows freely and the laughter rings true. I look at this picture and wonder if the circle of women are screaming some tribal howl toward the sky. I smile as I think what would follow as they immediately after begin laughing and fall hand-in-hand into the grass: Tribal Perfection.

Facebook, Twitter, TV, or another social media outlet doesn't come close to having this real life experience. We must be together in one place, with one purpose, able to touch each other's hands and hearts in order to share in a true tribal call. Today...reach out and touch someone then give them a howl and a hug. It could be the beginning of developing your own tribe of women.

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