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Live As If

A client of mine recently shared he is discovering a sense of purpose for his life. He described it as being, "Just beyond my grasp," like a small flicker of hope for a better life, a life he was meant to live. He quoted famous basketball icon Lebron James saying, "I'd rather fail being myself than fail being someone else." So, of course I had to look up other quotes of Lebron and learned he speaks very positive on the subject of hard work, success, and living your best life.

When did living to be your best self only apply to sports figures and famous people? We get inspired watching the Olympics and even cry over stories of strangers who overcame difficulty to rise to greatness in a sporting event. Or we pay thousands of dollars to be inspired by a motivational speaker, or book author, or TV personality, but won't get up off the couch to pursue our own destiny. When did Americans become so soft and lazy?

Look at your own life. Are you living to be the best version of yourself? Do you do what you want or only what you must? Do you live your life out of obligation to others, or do you give a portion to yourself? Are you sacrificing the life you have today in the hopes of getting something better tomorrow? And at the end of the week, do you look back and think how little you've actually accomplished toward living a better life?

I hear in my head someone saying, WAKE UP AMERICA! but I can't recall where I've heard it. But change the word "America" to your own name. Are you asleep at the wheel of your life, (or on your phone, computer, or iPad)? Do you spend more time watching other people live in reality shows and on social media than you invest into your own personal development? Are you living a balanced life that encourages you to stretch your mind, your body, or your spirituality? When was the last time you read a book on how to be great, or made any effort to get in shape, or go to church, or even just pray?

There is no one stopping you from becoming the best you can be...except you. Don't just get inspired, get inspired to DO. Live as if this is your time to arrive at the destination of your choice. On your terms. With your gifts and talents. Inspire yourself to move toward greatness and even if you miss, you'll be a success.

One more piece of advice from Lebron,

"I'm going to use all my tools, my god-given ability,

and make the best life I can with it."

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