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Killer Serve

When I was in my 20's I was a good tennis player. I was so good, I was considered "semi-pro" because I received money and gifts for winning competitions. I recall my teacher would say I needed to have a "Killer Serve" because the rest of the game was determined by the success of the first serve.

So, I focused a TON on developing a killer serve. I could slice the ball and cause a side spin that always caught my opponent off guard. They would set up, ready to hit the ball after the bounce, and whoosh, it would go sideways out of their reach. The funniest serves were when I would do a back spin and the ball would bounce back toward the net and my opposition would dive in an effort to touch it before it returned to me. Yep. Those where the days when I was most well known for my killer serve.

Today, I have a desire much like when I played tennis, but my focus is on having a killer serve of a different sort. I want to serve others and praise my God who has gifted me with the ability to serve others. I look at the photo and it strikes me funny how similar my tennis stance was to the woman with raised hands. The tennis ball would be in my left hand, and the racquet in my right. I would stand sideways to the net and toss the ball in the air. When the ball reached its peak height, I would cut the air with the racquet and spin the ball toward the other side of the court. For a moment in time, I was in a praise pose.

Working as a therapist is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Very often that a client will share how therapy has changed their life for the better. Why does therapy work? Because therapy is more than just advise. It's a fresh way of looking at your life, your problems, and your behaviors that might be causing you to experience negative consequences. It is not your mother's or best friend's counsel. They love you and have a need to protect you. Sometimes the advise of friends and family can be the wrong advise. They have good intentions, but good intentions alone can have disastrous consequences attached to them. If you would like a fresh look at the problems you are experiencing, find a therapist who can give you wise counsel. Interview them to see if what they have to offer might be just the counsel you need. Not all therapists are alike. We are imperfect people too and our backgrounds and experiences make us very unique in our approaches to therapy. Make sure you're finding a good fit for your needs.

If you need help finding a good therapist, call Encouragers Counseling & Training. Our motto is: Excellence in Service, Excellence in Training, and Excellence in Business Development.

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