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Today is Veterans Day, a day to remember those who gave their lives to protect our country. We often forget that we have a militia of soldiers who live next door, who protect our backs even while we sleep. I love the Navy, the Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army, but I want to give a special shout-out to the US Coast Guard who don't get as much press, but who deserve our respect and reverence none the less.

The US Coast Guard protects our borders, responds to natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, and they stood next to me during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. This young man in the photo is my nephew Nick (what a cutie) and he reminded me today of his service many years ago.

I Google searched for the latest news about things the Coast Guard is doing and was SHOCKED at how involved they are and they get NO PRESS. That's right, None. In an online site called Coast Guard News (, dedicated to information about things the US Coast Guard is actively involved in, I saw JUST YESTERDAY multiple events the US Coast Guard responded to, but they were never mentioned in the newspapers or on News Cables:

1. Coast Guard suspends search for 74-year-old man near Big Pine Key.

2. Coast Guard, Navy working together during USNS Comfort Deployment 2019.

3. Coast Guard responds to aground cargo vessel north of Fishers Island.

4. The Coast Guard and local agencies are searching for one person aboard an overdue vessel in Vermillion Bay, Louisiana.

Our Coast Guard are the clean up crew that brings supplies and healing to communities who have suffered from terrorist attacks to food contamination disasters. They lead Environmental Protection such as responding to an oil spill off of Alaska. They not only are the unsung angels here in America, but they also go to other countries bringing food, supplies, and encouragement. They protect other military bases and keep those who are protecting us, protected themselves.

Semper nostra optima is the motto of the US Coast Guard and it means, "Always Our Best." They are truly the quiet and reserved, strong and silent, and I can honestly say, they ALWAYS do their best.

God bless the US Coast Guard and every branch of the US Military.

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