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Respect Yourself

When you respect others,

you respect yourself.

Yesterday I went to the store to find snow chains for my car. Snow levels will be dropping this Thanksgiving weekend and I want to be prepared for my get-away.

An employee stood at the entrance and I asked if they carried snow chains. He responded kindly and directed me to the back of the store. I turned and took a few steps in that direction and heard behind me, "You're welcome." Ashamed, I realized I had been rude and hadn't said, "Thank you" to him. It bothered me all the way to the rear of the very large store where I picked up my chains and paid for them. I promptly walked back to the gentleman where I shook his hand and apologized for my rudeness. I think he blushed as he attempted to tell me he wasn't offended and appreciated the effort. When I left the store I felt better knowing I had made a difference in what could have been a bad situation. I also felt good because I was able to shake off that negative feeling of knowing I had acted poorly. If I hadn't returned to the gentleman and apologized, the bad feeling of shame could have lasted all day. Instead, a spring to my step returned and I felt good. I had increased my self-respect by showing respect to another.

The holidays are upon us and Thanksgiving is here. Everywhere I have been reading warnings to be on our best behavior. One article gave a list of things to do, "Don't ring the door bell. Take off your shoes. Clean up after yourself. Be sensitive." The author warned us not to speak on subjects that could result in a fight or hurt feelings. As I contemplated the article, I realize America has become a country of poor mannered people. When did good manners and showing others respect go out of style? It seems that "F-Bombs" and "Flipping the Bird" have become so common place in society that we now have to read about good manners, being kind, and showing gratitude in a to-do-list that we can check off, "Yep. I didn't start a fight and I said 'Thank you,' so I'm good for another year."

The positive feelings one can get by showing kindness to others is amazing. When you smile at someone and they smile back, Priceless. When a man opens a door for a woman and she smiles and says "Thank you" it makes hers and his day! Oh, and say, "Thank you" to your loved ones. Mom's, thank your children for their help around the house. Dad's, say thank you to your wife who slaved over the stove for your turkey dinner. Kids, say thank you to your dad for the roof over your head and a safe place to live. Employers, say thank you to your staff who make your business possible. Everyone, be thankful this year for the wonderful lives we have, living in the best country in the world, full of blessings from our God in Heaven.

And to you who join me often here on the pages of my blog, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart (where the good juices are). Happy Thanksgiving!

"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

1 Thessalonians 5:18

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