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Holiday Survival Groups

The season of joy is upon us. The shopping has begun, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, the Christmas carols are in full swing on the airways, and Starbucks Peppermint Mochas and Pumpkin Spice are the rave.

But what about the ones who don't find happiness in any of these traditions?

The holidays are not always Holly or Jolly. For many, it can mark a negative experience of the past, it can be an anniversary of a marriage that ended in divorce. It can be a time of loss and pain. It can be the exclamation point to the pain of missing someone who has passed away. For many, there is no tree, no holly, no decorations, no cookies, and no holiday cheer is in their hearts. For some, the holidays are torture. For those people who are suffering through the holidays, I want to bring some hope, some encouragement, and maybe we can share a smile, a hug, or even a tear.

Mercy House- provides housing for Veterans and their families who have fallen on hard times. They have provided for us office space in their Riverside facility Home front at Camp Anza, where we can offer counseling services to their clients and other veterans in the area. I will be presenting on two nights, December 13 and December 18, a free open discussion on the difficulties that can come with the holidays. I invite anyone who is in need of support to press through this month to join us. Our goal is to come out on the other side of New Year's with more hope for a better year next year.

Call our office (951-900-4414) to reserve a seat. Light refreshments will be served on a platter or love and hope.

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