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Christ in Christmas

The Christmas that wasn't.

There was no Christmas tree.

There were no ribbons or ornaments.

There were no lights over the entry.

There was no wreath hung on the door.

There was no music heard that day.

There was no joy in the air.

There was no one to give love.

There was no one to receive it.

There was no celebration of the birth.

There was no hope for tomorrow.

There was only silence.

Some would say this person has made a choice to live this way.

But consider...

How many homeless people woke up to a wet Christmas morning, cold, without family, without money, living on the streets and under bridges?

How many of our military woke up Christmas morning to the sound of gunfire, bombs, and death?

Think of the families living in poverty who couldn't afford the timings of Christmas and who thanked God that they have each other.

Think of the abused, the misused, the abandoned, and unloved. Think of those being trafficked for sex. Think of the elderly who sit in silence awaiting death to release them from their pain and loneliness. Where was Christmas in their Christmas morning?

My desire and my life's mission is to make a difference in the lives of these people. Encouragers Counseling & Training wants to ensure a Christmas morning for each of these people next year, but we can't do it without your help.

Won't you please consider giving to Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers your Tax Deductible year end dollars? For every $200 donation, we will match and provide $400 of free or discounted services to organizations who support the people who missed Christmas this year. Go to our Donation tab to make your donation, or send your love gift to:

Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers

29970 Technology Dr. Suite 220B,

Murrieta, CA 92563

Let's make a difference in 2020.

Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your desire to come alongside us as we make positive changes for those in need.

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