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Yesterday I heard some very disturbing information and it has me up at 1:30a.m. writing this.

Our Children are under attack and we are inviting pedophiles and murders into our homes and they are romancing our children into the sex trade.

I kid you not.

Look at the society we live in today...

School shooting

Human Sex Trafficking


Porn Addictions

Drug and Alcohol Addiction





What do these things have in common? Our children are under attack and parents are not even aware.

The City of Perris hosted Opal Singleton who is a one-woman warrior attempting to engage parents, children, law enforcement, churches, and anyone who will listen. She is the Training and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and is the founder of MillionKids, Keeping kids safe from predators (

The internet and parent's lack of involvement with their children is feeding into the epidemic of Human Sex Trafficking and child pornography. We are handing our children iPads, gaming, and the cell phone. Heck there are children's games that are luring children into private chatrooms where pedophiles entice and encourage the unthinkable. What shocked me the most was nearly 50% of child porn available on the WEB is kids under the age of 5. The image of my grandchildren ripped at my gut as I heard how commonly used websites are linked to the DARK WEB where pedophiles and gang members lurk ready to pounce (literally) on our children and sell them repeatedly into the sex trade industry. Many of those who are crossing our borders, legally and illegally, are being held hostage where they must perform non-stop sex acts with strangers, are beaten repeatedly, and often are killed in horrific fashion. Many of these murders are videotaped and put on the internet to control and strike terror to family members back home.

Why are we not spending more time talking about this instead of political crap? Why are we not up in arms and removing technology from the small hands of our children? Why are we not being warned by APP stores that use may result in the exploitation of our child? Why are the protections being removed and parents left in the dark about such things? I invite you to learn about this and begin to engage with your children. Take away the cell phones, the X-Box, the internet, and start talking to your young children about the dangers of the internet. No one else is talking about it to your children and they believe whatever is there, you gave them, so it must be okay.

I would encourage you to learn more by attending this Saturday's Symposium at Harvest Christian Fellowship:

Event Date: Saturday, January 11, 2020 Time: Registration 7:30am / Event 8:00am to 4:00pm Where: Harvest Christian Fellowship 6115 Arlington Ave., Riverside, CA 92504

Day 9: Beware

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