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Television shows of the 1960's were so different than the high tech, 3-D, High Definition, reality based TV shows of today. What was new and exciting then, is old, boring, and outdated today. Recently, I was sharing with some of my staff about some of the "old shows" and I shared about one show I loved called, "Lost in Space". It was the rave to consider space travel back then because for the first time, NASA was sending people into space and men were landing on the moon. TV shows like this were precursors to the Star Trek and Star Wars movies of today. Lost In Space was about the Robinson family who left Earth headed to a community outpost, but became lost and eventually landed on an unknown planet in an unknown galaxy. Aliens and environmental challenges were at every turn. The youngest member of the family was a boy named Will, and he often was accompanied by their Robot with a unique warning system. When the robot was alerted to something suspicious or out of the norm, it would wave its hands and lights would flash as he warned, "Danger, Will Robinson!" In this way, the robot would free Will from any danger.

The Bible talks about "free will" as well (pun intended).

“I have the right to do anything,” you say—

but not everything is beneficial.

“I have the right to do anything”—

but I will not be mastered by anything."

1 Corinthians 6:12 (NIV)

There are dangerous opportunities at every turn of the head, click of a phone, or tap of a computer. Sexual Immorality is tearing families apart and no one is warning the young eyes of our youth who are being drawn into the addictive enticements of porn at younger and younger ages. Children as young as 2 months old are being sexually exploited because of the cravings of adults for something new and exciting. Young girls being sexually molested by family members has become the norm and not the exception. Where is our robot waving arms and flashing lights? They are the ones brining the dangers into the home unrestricted and unobserved. How? Give a kid a Cell Phone and let 'em go. You just gave them the keys to the car, put them behind the wheel, and let them take off with no idea how to drive. Parental Controls are not enough because the kids of today can break the code of any preventive app parents may apply. And parents are not even checking their children's phones to see what they are texting about, what they are taking pictures of (sexting?), or what they are watching. The kids have free access to anything out there on the Dark and Black Web. They are not watching Disney cartoons or family friendly anything. Who is protecting our children from the dangers of today? Who is protecting your children?

I recently learned that 60% of Elementary age children are watching Emojis and Anime characters having sex. Seriously. Before you even think your 7 year old is ready to learn about the birds-and-the-bees they know more about sex than you do. Many elementary age children are acting out what they are watching and girls as young as 9 years old are getting pregnant at the hands of pre-teen boys. Oh, just so you know, teachers are not protecting your children as most of their time at school is not playing on the playground equipment, but huddled in groups looking at porn.

Mom and's time to raise your hands and flash your lights! Take the phones away. Yes, they will scream, kick, and holler that it's not fair, but you will be doing them a huge service as their entertainment is replaced by family time, parents talking to them, participating in their lives, and showing them they care. Your children may be the only ones who don't have anxiety or depression as they get older (another problem being fed by cell phones). Protect your children from harm and replace it with love.


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