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Look Up

Have you ever noticed how much we look down? We look down at our phones, we look down at our iPads, we look down at the paper that’s piled up on our work desks. We look down at our spouses and we look down at our children. We even look down at our own life and wonder what it’s all for. We can be down in the dumps discouraged and depressed. And all of that happens because we look at our circumstances instead of looking up to the possibilities. When we look down we are looking at things that tend to distract us and discourage us. Those negative things can bring us to our knees.

Conversely, everything that is positive is “lifted up.“ We lift our voices, our eyes, and our hands in praise. We lift up our children and place them on our shoulders so that they can be elevated above everything that is unsafe, unsure, and unknown. We look up to the heavens with hope in our heart, and we look up into the loving eyes of our spouse. Isn’t it funny that we will trip and fall when we are looking down at the ground, but when we look up and look where we’re walking toward, we are less likely to fall. That’s the way life works. When we limit our visual abilities by looking down, suddenly life becomes precarious and uncertain. But when we look up--when we keep our eyes focused on what lies ahead we are more likely to get to the destination we're trying to get to.

"After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed:

“Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you."

John 17:1

So today look up and enjoy the clouds dancing across the sky. Locate the sunshine in your life and follow it to your destination and you will find warm encouragement for your heart.

Day 49: Look

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