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Calmer Heads Prevail

As of March 12, there are more than 127,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide, with major outbreaks in mainland China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea. Only 1,700 cases have been reported across the United States. (source:

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Sunday March 15, 2020, additional regulations to limit movement of anyone 65 years and older and restricting movie theaters, restaurants and bars to only being able to provide services if they can maintain a 6' diameter between people. These suggestions are offered in order to protect those most vulnerable and at higher risk of catching the Covid-19 CoronaVirus. Governor Newsom said he is hoping people will be "responsible" and he is resistant to ordering Martial Law, but has stated that he has the ability to do so if needed. I am happy that finally our government is responding to a time of crisis, but wait...we have been ignoring times of crisis for many, many years.

In recent years we have given little concern for the homeless epidemic, we gave little thought to the opioid addiction crisis that took innocent lives and continues to run out of control (see photo), we continue to ignore the suicide rate of veterans, risks associated with e-cigarettes and vaping, and we ignore the women and children who are abducted and sold for sex trafficking.

Here are a few statistics I pulled (today) from the internet:

What's the total deaths to date for the Covid-19 CoronaVirus, a little over 5,000, and that's WORLDWIDE with China reporting the highest at 3,162. (source:

So I can't help but wonder why are we all in a frenzy over this "Pandemic."

Why now? What has made this situation worthy of so much attention, so much chaos, and why are we running around fearful and confused? Why is no one asking what is the real motivation behind all this hoopla that has turned people into sheep who are following our leaders off the preverbal cliff?

Could it be that, because of the World Wide Web, for the first time ever we are able to get immediate reporting of what is happening across the world? Is it possible that in days prior to the internet, live streaming, and technology that gave us instant updates--we were oblivious to the plagues of other countries? It is possible that ignorance WAS bliss, when what we didn't know didn't hurt us. Prior to the Internet, we were isolated from the rest of the world and the rumor-mill, front porch swings, and the Sunday paper were the best communication sources we had. We were ignorant and blissfully protected from the worries across the ocean.

Now, in an effort to be "the first" to report on what is happening across the world we are getting partial information, half-truths, and in our effort to get to the bottom of the situation we are fish on a line, dangling at the end of a rope, and anxious and fearful of the unknown. We have so much (miss-) information and don't know how to process it. In an effort to do "something" we run to the store and stockpile toilet paper.

My advice? Look at the facts. Nearly 90% of those infected RECOVER! That is a great percentage of hope. Do you know that 97% of what you worry about WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So stop with the insanity, we will get through this. Let calm heads prevail and use common sense. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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