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Sacrifice and Service

Recently, businesses have been forced to close resulting in employees being sent home with no idea when they will be allowed to return to work. Business leaders and employees are both struggling in this season of rapid and unexpected change. Pastor Gary Martin of The Bridge Church, Murrieta, (TheBridgeChurch.TV) says we should be modeling "confidence and not confusion." (Watch his message of encouragement to business leaders).

Even while we are unsure of what will happen during this season, we can have confidence that God is in control. Even when we don't know how long these challenges will continue, this too shall pass. Even when fear of the unknown makes us uncertain, we can trust that God will never leave or forsake us. We only need to lean on him, press into his word, and help others who need encouragement, help, and hope.

We at Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers are committed to continue to serve those who are experiencing anxiety brought on by fear; depression brought on by a sense of hopelessness, and those who are facing isolation and loneliness we offer hope within reach. If you are feeling down and need someone to talk to, call us (951-900-4414).

Keep the faith, stand firm, remain calm in the storm, and trust in God.

Sacrifice and service through transformation. Renovation is a process and it’s more difficult to change bad habits (bondage)

than it is to do what’s good from the beginning (freedom).

Romans 12:1-2

Day 66: Calm

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