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Phase 1: Walk

Yesterday President Trump announced there will be a 3 phase approach to getting America back to work. Click here to watch the entire briefing:

So what does that mean to the average person who has been filled with worry about catching Covid-19? It might mean there is going to be a lot of anxiety surrounding going back to work and the safety of returning to a place that was so recently deemed unsafe. Employers are going to have a lot to deal with as they hurriedly attempt to figure out ways to follow the CDC guidelines developing policies to ensure employee safety. Wow, talk about stress! It was one thing to let your workforce stay home, it's going to be a completely new challenge to let them come back.

I imagine their return is going to be filled with anxious concerns over their own safety, how their employer is going to change things around, and how their job description will have changed.

On the other hand, many furloughed employees who received a short term financial solution (unemployment) may not get the call to come back. Employers who have suffered financial consequences for closing their doors may not be able to afford their prior workforce anymore. Some people may find their furlough is going to continue for an undetermined amount of time.

Parents who have been focused on getting back to work and sending the kids back to school may find their school is still closed. Those watching others return to their previous jobs and lives may feel resentment and become angry at the appearance of prejudice as disparity without clarity leaves one to assume, and usually, assume the worst. Sadly, and unintentionally I believe, the areas most hurt by the pandemic will be most delayed in the process of recovery which can feel like a double whammy.

One of the things I share with my clients is that the journey starts with the first step. We must "walk in faith" and "step out" of our comfort zones. Courage happens on the other side of fear and we must walk through fear to get to it.

At a time when everyone is impatient to return to a resemblance of their previous life some things of the past, the political posturing, hating out elected officials, and protesting in the streets seems a little trivial in comparison to what we just went through as a nation. I pray we can contrast the past with the present by focusing on the truth and that truth is we stood together as One Nation Under God and we are coming out of the valley of the shadow of death. Let us walk in the truth of love, seeing the blessings of this time that will leave a mark on our hearts forever.

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

Psalm 23:4

Day 79: Walk

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