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Do Good

This Sunday is Mother's Day, so fathers, what are you going to do for your wife and mother of your children?

I know, she's not YOUR mother, but she is the woman who gave you the title of father. And if you have small children, you need to help them show mom their appreciation for all the hard work she does.

I wonder, do you show her appreciation for all the hard work she does? When? Valentines, Christmas, her birthday? Do you tell her every day of her life how much she means to you? Have you ever considered your life without her? Does she still hold any place of love in your heart or has your heart grown cold and complacent toward her?

There are reasons why we have celebrations throughout the year. They force you to be aware of the little things in life that matter. Reminders that bring us out of the fog of the daily grind where we only focus on our needs, our job, and what is important to us on a daily basis. All too often men your wife and children fall way to the bottom of the "to do list" as they gradually become more fixtures than family.

So THIS Mother's Day is an opportunity to redeem yourself as the man you want your wife and children to see you as. The caring man who wooed your wife to the alter. The tender-hearted man who cried when your firstborn arrived. The man who desires to be a leader and mentor to his sons and daughters. The protector of hearth and home. Here are three simple gestures that might make your wife feel like the queen seated next to you on the thrown of your household:

1. Dance. Watch this youtube video and see if it doesn't bring a smile to your face (or elevate your heart rate). You don't have to be an expert dancer, but if you took your wife dancing when you were dating, she may miss those days-gone-bye when you fixed your attention on her and locked eyes as you moved in rhythm together. Often, the things that endeared her to you are the first things to stop when you get married.

2. Do something special just for her. Often when there are children, we tend to do things that include the children. Take your wife to dinner alone, go for a walk alone, take her shopping alone. She might like the break from the responsibility that accompanies taking the children along.

3. Do a job or chore that has been asked repeatedly. If she has asked you to fix something, or move something, or help her finish a task that she needs your help with, make time this weekend to get the job done. The reason you have a nagging wife is because she needs your help and you're failing to follow-through keeps the project on the top of her undone to-do-list. She wants that list completed so she keeps bringing it up. GET-ER-DONE sir and you'll find she's stopped nagging. A win-win if I ever saw one.

"The LORD sees what happens everywhere;

he is watching us,

whether we do good or evil."

Proverbs 15:3

Day 90: Do Good

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