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Alive and Free

We are flying at 20,000 feet and at Mach-1 speed. Whoooo hooooo ain’t the ride fun! Scary, but fun! What a high it is having you in the passenger seat with me on this ride!

What am I talking about? Well, life. Yes, life is happening all around us. Life is racing us through time and we have a choice to avoid it or live it and enjoy the ride. You still don't know what I'm talking about? Consider this...

This photo is of an US Navy F/A 18C Hornet breaking the sound barrier Every day people are facing life head on. They are our military who defend this country and fight in lands far away to protect those abroad and us here on the home front. They are fighting on the ground and they are soaring over head.

Every day I hear the roaring jet engines of military transport plans on practice runs out of March Air Force Base. I hear the boom of the Camp Pendleton cannons during the early mornings that remind me how close I am to the war games. They remind me of battles fought long and hard, and in contrast with Covid-19, they remind me of the battles we fight every day.

We are a nation based on the principals of freedom and Covid-19 created the perfect storm for mandated reforms that took away our freedoms in the name of protection. I'm reminded this weekend to not forget the freedoms that were fought for by our founding fathers. I cherish even more those freedoms being slowly returned to us. Freedom by definition requires sacrifice and I honor and respect all who have fallen to the enemy called Covid-19. As we step out in faith, free from fear, we can look up to the Skys and realize we are still alive. Alive and living in America means we also are free.

I love the waving of the American Flag and I honor those who have given their all in the service of their country. I am proud to be an American and I praise everyone in uniform I meet. I am not afraid to hug or shake the hand of anyone who is in service to this great nation. I love America and will die an American as my blood flows Red, White, and Blue.

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