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Natural Delights

What a beautiful flower. I love the deep purple, the multi-toned greens in the leaves and even the flecks of white in the dew. I bet if I could smell it, I would inhale fragrant floral smells that would tickle my nose and make my heart feel renewed.

But if I look at the board behind it I might see imperfections, discoloration, and damaged wood. The scars on the boards might represent years of exposure, termites, or water damage.

Both are beautiful to me.

Both are unique and display beauty in a different way.

Both have their place in the photo and they bring depth, contrast, and clarity.

I look at people the same way.

There are scars, imperfections, and rough edges. We have soft, colorful textures as well. Whatever you focus on you will find and if you look intently at the wood in the background you'll miss the flower.

I pray you will be able to see the beauty that still exists as spring gives way to summer. That peace, love, and light will be yours today.

Be Safe.

Be Blessed

Be Encouraged

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