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When Learners Become Leaders

I have been a learner my whole life and I plan to continue to learn for the rest of my life. No one is making me learn, and yet, what I learn I can pass on to others who desire to learn.

When I was prompted to build a counseling and training center to help therapists in training as well as provide affordable mental health services to the underserved populations of Southern California, it truly was a leap of faith. I had no training of how to develop a non-profit, no helpers, and no guidance. So where did I go to learn? Books.

In his well publicized book, Developing the Leaders Around You," John Maxell explains his methods for raising up leaders in an organization. One statement he made in the book highlighted how important it is to share your own journey to leadership with others so that they can be encouraged on their journey toward leading.

"Great leaders share themselves and what they have learned."

John Maxell

Encouragers Counseling & Training Centers, Inc. is starting our 7th year of providing excellence to Riverside County and Temecula Valley. When I opened the first small office in downtown Riverside November 16, 2014, I had a whole lot of life experience and a dream. Within one year we grew to 10 people sharing a two office suite. Then we doubled. Since then we've grown to multiple mobil locations and 3 office settings with a team of mental health providers. How have we come so far so fast? Well, it's not been without challenge. This year (2020), CoronaVirus has been one of those challenges. One difference that has kept us moving forward and increasing our ability to serve is the fact that I have some amazing people working for me.

"Be the change you want to see."

Kameron Kaveh

I let my team take turns trying on different skills that may never have been explored before. They may create a Power Point training on a specific training topic that interests them. They may develop a video training and upload it to our Youtube channel for the team to learn from.

"I never would have gotten where I am if it were not for my own choices."

Kristen Telon

They may explore other methods, modalities, and interventions and share their expertise with others who are unfamiliar with their topic or tools. Each of us becomes better because of the learning environment we work in. No one is better than the other, there are no limitations of rank, and having a license in mental health does not mean one can't learn from someone who is completing their Practicum courses.

“You can’t check out and re-traumatize the family again.

You need time and space to lean into the pain, feel it. If you keep going around it, stepping over it, and avoiding it, it only builds up.

You have to reinvent your life and change that broken core belief.”

Linda Macinnes

One of my favorite truisms is, "A rising tide raises all ships," and as the tide rises for Encouragers, all of the Encouragers family is elevated.

"I grew up in poor town Indiana. I sold my soul to the military to get out.

It was so scary, the most anxiety provoking time of my life.

You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Kristen Springsteen

I truly believe that mental health professionals need to be students of life; understanding all the nuances that their clients will bring to the therapeutic experience. Small minded therapists will result is small results for their clients. That's why we keep our hearts humble, our minds pliable, and our learning unceasing. It's why I believe we are able to provide:

Excellence in Service,

Excellence in Training,

Excellence in Business Development

5Get wisdom, get understanding;

do not forget my words or turn from them.

6Do not forsake wisdom, and she will preserve you;

love her, and she will guard you.

7Wisdom is supreme; so acquire wisdom.

And whatever you may acquire, and gain understanding.

Proverbs 4:5-8

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