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Truth Of The Matter

I love this sign. Someone sent the photo to me in a TEXT and I instantly wish it was on a sign I could hang on our wall at our counseling centers. It speaks volumes about how you can expect to be treated by my staff and my team. Signs, Hallmark cards, posters, banners, and T-Shirts can express our best intentions in life, but if we don't walk the walk and talk the talk our hopes can fall flat at the door of our intentions.

Who we are speaks louder than who we want to be and sometimes we scream this truth at the ones in our lives whom we love the most. No one else knows how broken we are as well as we know ourselves. Unfortunately, often the case is that we don't know how broken we are. We have blind spots, lack of training, and lack of awareness that can limit our perceptions of who we are. It's usually not the intentional things that cause us such grief, it's the miss-steps, slip ups, and short-comings of life that catch us off guard and unaware. It's the hind-sight that comes at us like a freight train in the middle of the night that says, "Boy, you really mess-up this time." Those realizations, if left to accumulate, overtime will result in compounded feelings of guilt that lead to hopelessness, self-condemnation, and depression.

One way to counteract that piling on of guilt is to look for the truth of the matter. Many times the piling on is a false guilt rooted in someone else's unrealistic expectations, allegations, accusations, and misrepresentations. I see this a lot when a child comes in for therapy with poor esteem that is now being expressed in anxiety and depression. I counter those lies by showing them the many truths of who they really are. They are beautiful, kind, generous, caring, tender-hearted, sweet, etc. When they see the truth of who they are, they are encouraged. When they learn they don't have to be what someone else tells them they are, they learn to walk in truth and not hide in shame. When you know who you are in God's eyes you can find freedom from condemnation, lies, and false guilts.

If you or someone you know is living a life of lies, call our office and find healing and hope. We are here to serve and to show you the truth of what matters most.

When you enter this office,

you are amazing, important, safe, loved, kind, smart, special, brave, strong, respected, wonderful, extraordinary, cared for, understood.

You are the reason I am here!

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