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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Encouragers is bridging the gap between those who are hurting and those who are bringing help and healing.

In 1970, Simon & Garfunkel wrote a song called "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and their album received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In America, we are witnessing many raging waters that have breached the banks of humanity and pain is flowing unabated.

Anxiety over Covid-19 and the reopening of America has people on edge, anxious, and feeling out of control and depressed. The Mental Health pandemic has been gaining momentum for the past few years with numbers of homeless and the addicted increasing and availability of mental health services shrinking. We at ECTC want to change all that. We are taking steps to increase our ability to serve even more people from Temecula to the Inland Empire, but we need your help to do it.

Encouragers is developing a training center where people of all walks of life can receive discounted and free services provided by therapists who are looking to expand their knowledge and expertise. By bringing together those who need help with those who are available to help, we are building connections in our communities. The costs associated with providing the place for this connection to happen is where you can come in. 100% of any financial gift goes to cover these costs. Things like rent, insurance, and utilities are just some of the costs associated with running a counseling training center. If 10 people gave $10 a month that would cover the cost of utilities. If 100 people gave $20 a month it would cover our rent. If 100 people gave $100 a month our Training Center would not only survive, but we would thrive and be able to focus more on the outpouring of services to all who needs our help.

I am hopeful that we can collaborate on something together as I feel we have the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to bring solutions to a world in pain. If you would like to become a partner for change, to being hope and healing, and build bridges in your community, please reach out to me. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment: 951-900-4414

In the mean time, be blessed as you bless others.

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