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All Together Now

Have you been gathering with friends and family over the internet? I've been doing so many trainings, meetings, and social presentations on mental health since the Covid-19 pandemic drove us all indoors-my head is spinning...literally.

If you are noticing you are getting migraines and headaches mid-way through your day you may be unaware of how much time you are spending on your computer. Consider this...

If you used to work in an office setting, how much of your time on the computer was interrupted by phone calls, impromptu office meetings, and colleagues walking in to interrupt your thoughts? All of those interruptions gave your eyes and mind time to refocus on something other than the pulsating screen of your laptop. The constant fixed concentration can be wearing down your brain faster than you know, resulting in mind fog, headaches, and feeling fatigued. You might be turning off the computer and heading to your favorite spot on the sofa only to turn your attention to your favorite TV show or video game. More computer images are now pressing even more into your already exhausted brain until in self-defense your eyes close and your brain "shuts off."

This non-stop flooding of information is taking a tole on our minds and we are ignorant to the affects it is having on our brains and our bodies. Don't forget--the brain is the engine that keeps the rest of us working and functioning. If the brain is tired, the body will respond feeling tired as well. We will be less motivated to go to the gym (is it open yet?), work out, walk, run, or exercise at all. In addition to this, we will look for lazy foods that will make us feel good (high carb, high sugar) but will only contribute to our already hazy-lazy attitudes. Oh yea, attitudes will also be short on patience and long on avoidance. Arguments will be more common as irritability hums in the background of your mind and you'll be more reactive to simple annoyances that otherwise would not have bothered you. Not to mention the fact that you and your loved ones are still crammed together at home as 5 months later we are still fighting the corona-virus pandemic.

And don't even get me started on having to wear a face-mask for an undetermined future. UGH! Yes, even I get frustrated, tired, and need a break from the computer. So, I'm headed outside, to breath in fresh air, play with my pony, and sweat my face off under a mask.

Frustration is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart.

Ecclesiastes 7:3

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