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Disastrous Results

We are in some pretty troubling times. Some of the solutions are creating more mental health problems than ever before. There are two populations who are not being properly considered: the children and the addict.

Corona Virus has created problems for parents who are forced to keep their healthy children home fearing they may catch a disease, and addicts are not seeking treatment solutions because of fears they might also be exposed and die. Both groups silently suffer as their voices are being drowned out by the political and editorial commentators who have limited vision and focus.

The CDC discusses this in an article called "Caring for children in a disaster, "After any traumatic event, children can be left reeling and feeling unsupported by their parents who may also be on survival mode." (

The article cautions parents to know the warning signs of children who are in a state of trauma (Post Traumatic Stress) and even recommends medication in some situations. I am not a huge proponent for medicating children who have been traumatized by external events. I believe that to provide strong psychotropic medications without analysis of the entire situation can compound the problems and result in huge psychological problems as they grow up. I saw this a lot working with children in foster care and when I worked in addiction recovery. Many of those clients were prescribed medication in their youth and when they grew older they were drawn to street drugs when they couldn't afford the prescription medications of their childhood. I also saw over and over again that medication only dulled their emotions.

The same feelings that are pressing in on our children is also what is commonly felt in our young adults. In the above video, Kim writes a song about what it means to her to have depression and anxiety caused by her feeling she has no direction in her life. At 20 years old she is feeling lost ( In her song she explains that she's "been smoking" and "been drinking" and those appear to be her only coping skills. At a time when gyms, hiking trails, beaches, jobs, schools, and all forms of entertainment have been closed to access, it's no wonder she drinks and smokes. All of our healthy coping mechanisms have been denied access so we resort to unhealthy means to cope. Therapy adds the ability to be successful by offering the client additional life skills and coping mechanisms to overcome these troubling times.

If you feel like Kim that you are "not doing it right," please reach out to Encouragers. We would love to help you find a purpose for your life, not just tolerate it.

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