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I love watching movies about successful strong men and women. I recently watched a Netflix show called, Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker. The made for TV show is true story about a black woman who at the turn of the century, was beat down, put down, and run down and found her way to find her fortune and self-respect.

Nothing changes your circumstances like a changed heart. In the beginning of Season 1, episode 2, of Self Made, the narrator says, "Dreams are God's way of showing us his plans." Amen! I founded Encouragers because of a dream from God.

Every one of us has a choice of which path we will go: a path built on peace or a path built on hate. A path built on hope for the future or one of hopeless condemnation. A path we create with our own efforts or one that blames others. One that stands firm and secure and one that breaks down and erodes over time. No one ever said that life was going to be easy. In order to be successful, you have to work at it. Success doesn't happen to you, you pursue it.

Successful people are successful because of the choices they make; plain and simple. I could have chosen to become an addict or alcoholic, but I chose the other path of clean and sober. I could remain in an abusive marriage, or I could choose the other path of strength. When you come to your crossroads (and you'll have many opportunities), make not the right choice, but the GOOD choice, one that will build you up. It doesn't require you to tear down another in order to rise above your circumstances.

Often, we are faced with making a choice in life with limited information. Here is a link that offers another perspective on the race issues of today ( There are many wealthy, successful, and honorable people of today who made the Good choice. What will you choose today?

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