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Fast Track To Nowhere

Many of us know that we are experiencing problems in our lives. We know the difficulties we face daily, have a desire for change, and may even have an idea of what we would like to see changed in our lives, but have no idea how to get to what we desire.

The problems that cause us the greatest anxiety are the ones that we can't find a solution for. It's like the "I can't see the forest for the trees" problem. You want to look past your circumstances, but you can't see around the ones in front of you. This is why we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and even defeated at times. Even if you get past the first tree, there is a whole forest behind it.

I often tell my students who are learning how to become therapists,

"A Goal is the Destination,

an Objective is the road to how we get there,

an Intervention is the vehicle that takes us there."

When clients come in for therapy they may know a destination, but they don't have a map and they don't have the means (vehicle) to get there. Sometimes they "hitch their wagon" to the wrong vehicle and find themselves in a place they don't recognize and never wanted to get to (like with abusive relationships).

They may find themselves on roads that lead to dead-ends (perpetual student), or they may learn their vehicle is up on blocks with the tires removed (40 year old living at home with their parents). Some vehicles run perfectly but they have no gas. You may be standing outside of your vehicle waiting for someone to take you where you want to go (external motivation) instead of you being in the driver's seat (internal motivation). Some people sit in their vehicles with engines revving while they sit in park with no idea where to go.

Therapy helps in all these scenarios. We can help you define your destination by helping you refine your goals, we can show you there is more than one way to get to your destination, and we can show you a multitude of vehicles to take you there. Life can be lived on the fast track to nowhere, or you can find yourself sailing down the highway to your dreams.

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