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Gaining Altitude

There's nothing like flying during a sunrise or a sunset. Seeing the world from 40,000 feet really makes one appreciate how finite life is and how small we are in relation to our world. If we could only remember that fact when we are on the ground we would be so much happier.

Every day brings new opportunities and new challenges. How we look at our life will determine if we see more challenge or more as opportunities. Consider these situations and how would you see them?

Imagine you wake up and your spouse or children are grumpy. You could look at their attitude as something irritating and so you contribute to the mood with your own irritation or you can see an opportunity to bring joy and happiness to the morning.

What if you went to work and saw your in-tray overflowing? Would it be a negative challenge that creates anxiety or is it confirmation that your job is secure as there is enough work to keep you employed?

Do you look at your life through the negatives, asking, "Why me" or do you see through the positives of, "Why not me?" Situations are not the problems, our attitude about those situations makes them either positive or negative experiences. It is why some people will praise God for their circumstances and why others will curse him. Personal growth only happens when we learn from our challenges, and change doesn't happen without challenge. If you are going to have to go through change, why not go through it with a smile instead of a frown? You have to change either way you look at it. Like the song says, "Don't worry. Be happy." Sometimes, all it takes is stepping back, gaining elevation with a new perspective, and looking through a different window.

"It's your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude."

Zig Ziglar

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