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In basketball, there is a term for where the players are positioned: They have their own identified Zone. Retired professional basketball player, Magic Johnson, knew how to play in multiple zones. During his tenior with the Los Angeles Lakers he had the opportunity to work outside of his zone as Point Guard. During several championship games he played other positions including forward and center. Few, if any, have been willing to perform well beyond the position they are comfortable with.

In life, it's valuable to see beyond our own comfort zone. When we see ourselves as one-demential we limit the ability to grow beyond our comfort zone. We fail to explore possibilities that could greatly improve our circumstances because we chose comfort over change. We forfeit a better life because we settle for the least that appears to be easiest (and are tricked to believe the lie that it is). Someone recently reminded me of the saying, "Better the devil you know that the one you don't know."

Habits we learn in our youth create opportunity to settle into mediocrity and our fixed mindsets (perspectives) resist change. Generational welfare is one of these fixed mindsets that is very difficult to change. Other generational habits include addiction, abuse, and neglect. In psychology we use a Genogram (similar to a family tree), to trace bad habits, mental illness, and addictive behaviors back several generations. When you can step outside of that comfort zone and change the bad habits, you are creating a new branch to the family tree. This new branch then can create generational habits that are positive instead of repeating old negative habits. All it takes is one person to make a change and everyone who he has influence over can benefit from that change.

I saw this recently performed within one family. One person came to therapy, that led to another, and another, until everyone in the family addressed their own bad habits and made changes that crossed 4 generations. All it took was one to start, and like dominoes, the rest of the family benefited.

Be the one that branches off of the old family tree. Change for one may change all.

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