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When I was in High School, team sports were encouraged as a means of building character through competitiveness. We were taught to be leaders in our field, and it built strength of body as well as mental strength and determination. I had the honor of playing on the 1977 Powder Puff all girl football game. This was a long held tradition at my school and for one game a year it took place between the Senior Class and the Junior class. I played as a receiver and in our Senior year, I caught the winning pass and ran for a touchdown. The photo that captured my outreached grasp of the ball as I floated above the field is one of my favorite snapshots in my year book. A friend of mine sent me this photo recently and the flood of lovely memories made me smile.

Covid-19 and the political climate has negatively impacted the ability of our youth to create memories of this kind in 2020. Our youth are forced to remain home due to school closures and professional athletes are refusing to play as they force their team owners to take a stand (or knee) politically. As a fan it saddens me that sports are no longer a place where one could escape the challenges of the day and gather in appreciation for the talents God gifted the athletes with.

Will there be long lasting changes as people learn to change with the times?

Will the school closures result in more parents home schooling even after the schools reopen?

Will professional sports see diminished sales as TV and sports venues get shut down.

Will tomorrow's talent turn from their desire to become a pro athlete because of the decisions of athletes today?

When I was a kid all I wanted to do was play and sports gave me that opportunity to explore my gifts, to give me confidence, and to develop life long friendships that I still enjoy today. I hope our children and our children's children will be able to say the same when they are older.

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