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Hang Loyalty

We have become a society of consumers. Everything comes down to how much you paid for it , who else purchased it, created it, or sold it. We care more about labels, titles, and awards than we care about the people behind those achievements. Image is everything, and has nothing to do with reality. Even "reality" shows are staged, prepped, and chaotic by design. Or else who would want to watch someone eating popcorn on their couch 5 nights a week? Now, that's real!

The same is true when it comes to dating. We "shop" for someone who looks good on the rack (I mean APP). Then we pull them down and try them on. If they "fit" we keep them around, wear them ragged, and then when we're done with them, we toss them out. Then it's back to the App Store to see who else is new for me to check out (isn't it funny that the store register is located at the "check out counter"). After we shop around and try on everything in the store we sit around and pout that there are no good men, no good women, and can't figure out why we are alone on Valentine's night, and don't have a tree full of gifts Christmas morning.

We are pathetic when it comes to finding a life-long mate because the good ones aren't hanging on the rack. They are not a shoe. They are not sitting on a shelf waiting for you to select them and try them on. They are living their lives. They have goals and ambitions and dreams they are making come true. They are engaged in planning for their future. They look ahead to a future they are designing today.

They are purposeful with their lives. They make decisions based on calculating the risks and determine if the return on their investment is worth the investment. They don't sit around and feel sorry for themselves. They are committed to a better life, not waiting for it to fall in their lap. They strive for something better and are not afraid of hard work. They enjoy the challenge of finding a mate who will be as loyal and committed as they are and they pursue that person when they find them. They don't cheat because that is a reflection of a character they don't want to be. They want to be better and they seek a mate who will give them a reason to be better.

You will never find this person living life on the sidelines. They are in the game, moving the ball downfield, and they want a teammate to help them cross into the end zone. You have to be worthy of such a person if that is who you want. You must determine the life you want, then go after it. Be loyal to your dreams, your hopes, and your future better self. Then go get it. Be the change you want to see in other people.

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