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Distance Learning

No mask-No Service.

Keep 6' apart.

No gathering or congregating.

Social distance.

Work from home.

Learn from home.

Just stinkin' stay home!


I'm so tired of wearing a mask. No one sees me smile (even when I try to smile with my eyes). I can't hear what's being said to me because of the muffled words behind the cloth. I tried to laugh it off, to wear my mask dangling like an earring on one ear, and even wearing a turtleneck mask ready to pull up over my face in a moment's notice. I'm tired to not being able to get a meal indoors (even when it's 115 degrees outside), and I'm exhausted by the nasty looks when I exercise by walking the streets early in the morning without a mask.

Many of us who were fortunate to be able to work as "necessary" workers are feeling drained by it all. All the unnecessary worry, the fear, and the frustrations at getting two polar opposites when it comes to ways to stay safe. Our clients are feeling the pressure to step out in faith, even while fearing their decisions may be unfairly judged.

So I say, be safe, be cautious, be prepared, but live your life. We have many options and Covid-19 has created many more options to enjoy life. Yes, things look different, but they have not gone completely away. There are things we can do to return to a better form of that includes family, friends, work, and exercise. Get off the couch and begin moving. Your body will resist at first because it's been sedentary for 6 months. But you can do this...move now! Enjoy the rest of summer hiking, camping, and boating. Ride your bike, go for a walk, and play tennis or golf. Step outside and smell the fresh air! Breath deeply and enjoy the wild flowers.

At work we follow the CDC suggestions to wash hands often, wear our masks when we can't socially distance, use sanitizers, and cough into our elbows. We are optimistic, laugh often, learn from each other, and share our lives. I hear all this mask nonsense will be resolved come November...just in time for Flu Season. Awesome!

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