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I Remember

I remember 9-11-2001.

That is the day Twin Towers were attacked by terrorist hell-bent on destroying our way of life, economy, and our country. For the past 19 years we have remembered the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost when those buildings fell and honored the 498 First Responders who died trying to save them. I looked this morning for where celebrations would take place in remembrance of 9-11 and found very few. The headlines are all about riots, forest fires, and politics. Has everyone forgotten 9-11-2001?

I remember 9-11-2001.

I was working at a correctional facility in Los Angeles named Twin Towers. I remember seeing the attack on a Television in the hospital wing and the feeling of my heart sinking to the pit of my stomach as I grasp the idea of lives being destroyed. A short time later I heard how many of my coworkers were assembling to pay out of their own pockets to go to NYC to help with recovery efforts. We all wanted to respond. That's what cops do. We rush in when there's a need and put ourselves in harms way in order to save others.

I remember 9-11-2001

The days that followed were somber. We were glued to the TV as we learned of other attacks, acts of heroism, and interviews by those who were at "ground zero." I remember the feeling of pride I had for those who died in the line of duty; the cops and the firefighters. I remember how people would stop me on the street to shake my hand, to give me a hug, to say how much they appreciated my dedication to serve.

I remember 9-11-2001

The world changed that day. We were united. We had more love and compassion for each other. We set aside our differences, and even the politicians could agree for once. Selfishness wasn't as common as the days before 9-11, and the days following were filled with a somber feeling of hope as we realized how precious and precarious life is. Songs on the radio told us to "remember" and to tell our loved ones how much we care. We did not know what the future held, but we knew showering those we loved was going to be a part of it.

Years from now, I also will remember 9-11-2020.

How hate for first responders fills the streets as police officers are targeted by thugs, thieves, and murders. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, 36 law enforcement men and woman have been killed in the line of duty since January 2020 ( The pit in my stomach is filled with disdain for the way selfish children who have no respect and no understanding for what GOOD men and women in law enforcement do for them. Why is America, "The land of the free and the brave" being trampled and destroyed? I am waiting for the winds of change, for good to prevail, and for law and order to once again be restored. I also am waiting to hear about the lives that were ruined and rebuilt. When we can look back at the terrorism on the streets that brought courageous men and women forward to defend the American way of life that says we are a land led by the people and for the people.

I want desperately to say, I remember.

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