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Relationships are complex and can be very difficult at times. Normal issues of the past that used to cause arguments are no longer the heated topics of today. In the past couples would get upset over who left the toothpaste on the sink, didn't put their dishes in the dishwasher, or who left their dirty clothes on the floor instead of the hamper. Today, couples face challenges never before experienced. More and more couples are of mixed races with varied cultural backgrounds. They have biracial children and prior to 2020 they were getting along very well. Enter the race issues of today and suddenly once happy couples are being pushed to make decisions based on the prejudices of others that tells them they must stand together or fall apart.

Other couples are facing difficulty with partners who have untreated mental health issues. Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective Disorder diagnosis are on the increase as drugs and alcohol flow freely on the streets. One client said she told her boyfriend who has untreated mental health issues, "I need a partner, not a patient."

Add to this mayhem the rise in Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Depression in our children who are being forced into isolation and political "stay home" orders that have schools closed and families at their wits end trying to become teachers over night providing education on their own and in their homes.

  • Turn on the news and your anxiety and depression multiplies.

  • Go to work and you'll find code enforcement at your door closing you down.

  • Go to church in violation of the social distancing laws and you'll be arrested.

  • Walk down the street without a mask and you are instantly the target of criticism and shame.

  • Ask a question or offer a solution to racial discrimination in the workplace, you're instantly a racist.

  • Wear a hat that supports your political candidate, you're physically assaulted or murdered.

  • Be a police officer and you have no defense, no protection, and no support from your city or government officials.

  • Be a citizen who is living in the fire storm of riots and you are on your own.

If you listen nonstop to the news, watch images of burning buildings, riots in the streets, and murder and mayhem, you'll feel more fearful, anxious, and depressed. Those feelings will fill your home as no one is able to get away from the chaos you are voluntarily bringing into your home. Turn it down, turn it off, leave it alone.

Chaos and crisis is everywhere and therapists are inundated with trying to help bring clarity, hope, and encouragement that things will eventually get better. Even when things look dark and hopeless, there is always hope. When you have someone to share your concerns with, someone who is not trying to move you to their agenda, political candidate, or change your moral code to fit theirs, you can find confidence in your own life choices. You can see that even though life around you is chaotic, you can have peace. Letting others live in chaos does not mean you have to jump in and rescue them, change them, or join them in the chaos. Stand apart and stand on your own truth. Turn off the noise of the media and you'll find quiet. Turn down the images you watch and you'll be able to look around at the blessings of family and friends. Turn down the static in your mind and you'll feel less fearful. Breath deeply and you'll find you can relax. If you can set the tone in your home that is based on peace, quiet, and free from fear, everyone will benefit from it.

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